Kuberlo's Fashion Colour of the day.

Kuberlo's Fashion Colour of the day.


Kuberlo's Fashion Colour of the day.


After huge research on colours and their effects on the human being and the environment we have come up with the below conclusions on which colour suits perfect for what day.

There are many reasons and factors considered before coming to this conclusion, mostly this survey is done in the working women and home makers in age groups between 20 - 40.

Factors like human behaviour, their impact/influence on others. lucky things that happened on that specific days and specific colours. Many other factors are also taken in to consideration.


Coming to the point usually Mondays are the first days of a week so people tend to make it more peaceful, interest, respect, happiness, power, sleep, and wealthy.

Colours for Monday are : White and Yellow

kuberlo's fashion colour of the day - Monday


Tuesdays are likely to be more active than any other days in a week. We find women are more active in their work, daily activities. We believe on Tuesdays women are blessed with extra courage and energy and they tend to take many bold decisions on Tuesdays.

Colours for Tuesday are : Pink and Red

kuberlo's fashion colour of the day - Tuesday


Wednesday's are the days where we find women tend to take more successful decisions related to intelligence, logical reasoning, business prospects, and academics.

Decisions taken by them on these days tend to be more successful and most of their success came from the decisions taken on Wednesday's

Colours for Wednesday are : Green

Kuberlo's Fashion Colour of the day - Wednesday


 Thursdays are a more physical and philosophical days when compared to any other days. Here in our research we found that women are likely tend to be more attracted to their spiritual instincts. 

Colours for Thursday are : Orange and Brown

Kuberlo's Fashion Colour of the day. - Thursday


Fridays are the days women tend to be in a relaxed state and will enjoy the day as much as possible. They keep all their tensions and problems aside them this day and will try to smile and enjoy the whole day with smile on their face.

Colours for Friday : Blue and White.

Kuberlo's Fashion Colour of the day. - Friday


Saturday are the start of party days. Women tend to be more royal in their looks and will be perfect in their outfits. Every women out there will try to be as perfect as a bride in their outfits.

Colours for Saturday : Any Royal Colours like Purple, Dark Blue, Black.

Kuberlo's Fashion Colour of the day. - Saturday


Sundays women are more vibrant and peaceful. They love to be with their loved ones like family friends and the special people. They never go wrong on this days and will always make this day a memorable day of their life. 

Colours for Sunday : Red and White

Kuberlo's Fashion Colour of the day. - Sunday



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