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Kuberlo's Fashion democracy

For us quality means doing it right even when no one is watching. We go through a strict level of details before we put out our designs at To capture all those details in half a page is an impossible task. But to give you the taste of it, Below we've listed a few major factors that make up our quality standards. 

1) 18K Gold Plating With Thickened Polish 

The reason why Kuberlo jewellery retains its shine for years is the high quality 18K gold plating that is done using state of the art electromagnetic plating techniques. It is then finished with a thickened polish that locks in the shine for years.

2) Best in class Quality Crystals

We never compromise in choosing the crystals that we use for making our Jewellery. We normally go with either Swarovski crystals or top quality AAA Austrian Crystals. Similarly the pearls used in our jewellery are venetian pearls, cultured pearls, or high quality shell pearls. The stones used in our modern jewellery are high quality faux cat eye, opal, ruby & other stones.

3) Advanced 360 Grinding

At Kuberlo all the jewellery goes through an advanced process of 360 degree grinding that ensures that the jewellery looks smooth and well finished from all angles. Even if you look at our jewellery from the back, it'll have a quality shine and finished surface. This ensures that the jewellery is well protected from the elements and there are no problems of rusting or cracking of polish. 

4) Top Quality Alloy

All Kuberlo Jewellery products are manufactured with high quality alloy that is free of any harmful elements. So there's no lead, nickel or cadmium in our jewellery. We want to make sure that Kuberlo jewellery only gives you happy memories.

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