Kuberlo for Designers

Is your passion

Jewelry designing?

Kuberlo is a designer's platform where you can come up with a story(what inspired you) for your jewellery collection and their designs, we handle everything from marketing, production, fulfillment & customer service. We make e-commerce easy.

How it works

Step 1) Create a design/collection 

Step 2) Email us with the details to hello@kuberlo.com

Step 3) We handle everything else

Step 4) Collect your profits.


Why Kuberlo?

Our goal is to empower designers and turn their ideas into products, brands, and businesses. That’s why we take the hassle out of online selling—Kuberlo helps you in each step of the way from product manufacturing, online selling, order fulfillment, to customer service. 

I already have designs, How do I list in Kuberlo?

Its just a step away, Just drop an email to us at hello@kuberlo.com with the designs that you have made and the story that inspired you to design them. Our team will look in to the designs and if it is approved then we will take care of the rest. 1) Product listing, 2) Product manufacturing, 3) Marketing, 4) Fulfillment, 5) Customer Support.

How do I make money using Kuberlo?

When ever a product is sold you will get a % of the product cost as your share. We send you reports of sales that happened every month and your profits will be transferred directly to your bank account.

Do I have to pay anything to Kuberlo?

Nope, Kuberlo is a complete free portal for designers. 

Can Kuberlo help me sell my products?

We’ll do what we can to help drive sales but kuberlo works best when you’re also working to find potential customers through your network's. You can use your social profiles to spread and share your designs and collection.


Ready to start designing?